Lead2Go Conference Sponsorship Application

Terms of Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in conference sponsorship through the Office of Leadership Development.

In support of the student's pursuit of professional and leadership development opportunities, our office now offers students the ability to apply for conference sponsorship for regional, national, and international experiences. 

Conference sponsorship can include full or partial coverage of student registration fees, travel, and lodging expenses. The specifics of what will be covered under student sponsorship will be reported to you by our office promptly for you to make an application decision. Please note that while a member of our office will occasionally travel with student groups to conferences, this will not always be the case. As such students may be responsible for booking their registration, travel, and lodging arrangements for the conference under sponsorship. In addition, conferences must be sponsored by our office. 

Also, note that preference will be given to students who have not applied for sponsorship through our office previously to encourage more students to pursue this wonderful opportunity.

In exchange for sponsorship, students are required to do the following:  A) provide testimonial feedback about their experience in the form of a quote or video for office marketing use, B) serve as a volunteer or assist in the promotion for office events, and C) be prepared to share their experience with students who may be interested in the conference in the future.

Visit our event's page for application deadlines by conference.

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